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outreach video here:

“Demand for water is rapidly increasing as supply dwindles” (by Ayanna Runcie, 22 April 2021)

“The Book: Rivers of Power” (PODCAST with Sam Carter, 11 May 2021)

“Supraglacial Rivers” (PODCAST with Sam Carter, 8 June 2021)

“There’s no outrunning the risks of climate-fueled weather” (by Ben Geman, 2 October 2021)



Greenland ice sheet surges in daily melt cycles (American Geophysical Union, 5 April 2021)—

New study takes the pulse of a Greenland glacier at midsummer, finding a daily cycle of warming, surface melting, below glacier water storage, water runoff and ice motion.

What a Glacial River Reveals About the Greenland Ice Sheet (NASA, 5 April 2021)–Scientists supported by NASA are shedding more light into the complex processes under the Greenland Ice Sheet that control how fast its glaciers slide toward the ocean and contribute to sea level rise


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