I consider mentoring young scientists to be the single greatest privilege of a faculty career.  If you are hard working, talented, and interested in the high latitudes, there may be a place for you for graduate or postdoctoral scholarship in the Northern Change Research Laboratory at Brown University.  I welcome your inquiries and typically have at least one or more grant-funded Ph.D. and/or postdoctoral research openings each year. 

Best positioned for success are individuals with technical skill in geospatial data science and programming, and strong academic preparations in Earth Science, Geography, Civil and Environmental Engineering, or related fields. While the past is never a prologue of the future, academic career placements from my lab have historically been remarkably high, with 100% placement in tenure-track or research lab positions thus far. 

My laboratory also welcomes Brown University undergraduate students who may be seeking a research experience prior to graduation.  From past experience, comfort with geospatial data is optimal for success. Inquiries should be made no later than the spring of junior year for undergraduates to receive maximum benefit from the experience.

Finally, I insist on a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals in my lab, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or race.  I warmly welcome inquiries from talented prospective students and postdoctoral scholars from any and all identities and backgrounds.

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