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Current Team

Laurence C. Smith


Sarah Esenther

Sebastian Munoz

Sonam Futi Sherpa


Bo Wang


Nimisha Wagle

Ethan D. Kyzivat

Jessica V. Fayne
Katia Lezine
Matthew G. Cooper
Jonathan C. Ryan
Chang Huang
Sarah W. Cooley
Lincoln H Pitcher
Mia Bennett
Colin J Gleason
Vena Chu
Kang Yang
Scott Stephenson
Matt Mersel
Åsa Rennermalm

Tamlin Pavelsky

Karen Frey
Yongwei Sheng
Cynthia Hall

Undergraduate Research projects

Rebecca Bowers (2022- present). Using Remotely Sensed and Modeled Data to Improve Wildfire Susceptibility Modeling in Alaska

Duncan Jurayj (2022- present).  Quantifying Vegetation, Water, and Surface Structure in Boreal Canada and Alaska

Mason Lee (2022- present).  Mapping Supraglacial Rivers with Deep Learning Computer Vision

Lucas Fromm (2021- present).  Can environmental DNA detect presence/absence of Ondrata zibethicus?

Carolyn Lober (2021- 2022).  PrecipMapping Supraglacial Rivers with Deep Learning Computer Visionitation downscaling for the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada

Seth Goldstein (2021- 2022).  Estimation of river stage from time-lapse camera images of the Minturn River, Northwest Greenland

Michela Savignano (2020- 2022).  Drivers of methane ebullition in Alaskan lakes

Kawther Rouabhi (2021).  Quantitative relationship between water reflectance and field-measured turbidity from multispectral UAV images of the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada

Raquenel Abreu (2021).  Livelihoods and resource development in Greenland

Vida Steiro (2019-2020): “Changes in sea ice travel conditions in Uummannaq Fjord, Greenland (1985–2019) assessed through remote sensing and transportation accessibility modeling” (published in Polar Geography, 2021

Sarah J. Popelka (2019-2020). Rivers as Political Borders (Published in water policy)

Arctic Researchers at Brown

Brown University has a long history of excellence in Arctic studies and polar research. For current faculty and researcher activities see Arctic@Brown

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